Easter Monday

Have you noticed that the strange has become the new normal??? ???

At least, in my home, it has!

Weekend living now features a culinary project, following my nose (my way of saying nothing is planned, I simply go with the flow in my house) & a food shop!

This weekend involved:
*Creative work that just flowed… A work in progress!
*Baking scones for the VERY first time in my home
*Sunbathing for the first time this year
*Chilling… with LOTS of quiet time & comfortable footwear!

And I so needed this quiet time! I am aware that when I still my mind and calm my heart and soul, I am so much richer in spirit… It fills my cup! I’m aware now when I need to take a step back, when I need to stop pouring and start filling and with this awareness comes a sense of peace.

And lots more chilling to do! A lazy, dazy Bank Holiday on the cards for me today and let’s see what it brings…

The sun is out too, to shine on us all! ???

Have a really wonderful Bank Holiday Monday


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