Life Lessons

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting a lady that I have truly admired for a long time.

I was lucky enough to attend a workshop Jess facilitated in September 2019 and have been on virtual workshops with her since.

From the very moment that I sat in the room with her for the very first time last year, light bulbs of clarity went off in my head. It was to become a very positive twist in the road that is my journey and proof that when the student is ready (Me!), the teacher (Jess) will appear!

I felt really grateful to have the opportunity to thank her this afternoon, as we had a socially distanced coffee in the park, for the positive way that she influenced my life.

I will always be inquisitive, wanting to know more, develop and hone my skills.

And in this workshop, I learnt SO much… As much on a personal level as on a professional level.

Personal Development is not only a lifelong commitment for me, it is also my passion.
I learn something every single day and I experience the benefits of this learning.

It ain’t always easy!

But, hey… That’s life!

When we search for a better life, a way of living that’s fulfilling and more empowering, it can be challenging.

The reality of looking at ourselves in a way that we can clearly see how we can improve, can be a little painful.

With the right support tho’, it is SO worth it!

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