Una, Care Assistant

Life changing… this woman is an Inspiration! amazing!!

Serena, Community Course Participant

I have done a personal development course and a mindfulness course with Geraldine and I have to say she has helped me more than any doctor or psychologist I have mental health issues and Geraldine has taught me ways to develop skills and positivity in my life that have helped me so much I honestly think she has amazing knowledge to help people in the mental health sector I am very grateful to her.

Carmel, Teacher

My life coaching sessions with Geraldine were, quite literally, life changing. She has an overwhelming ability to make you see that you have the power to choose the way in which you lead your life. ‘Obstacles’ that I once thought existed gradually ‘disappeared’ and my life, attitude and feelings have changed dramatically. She also helped me acknowledge the negative feelings I had which were preventing me from reaching my goal weight. She motivated me towards a fresh outlook on weight loss and I’ve reached a weight loss goal I’d never believed possible.

Charlotte, Community Course Participant

I have finally taken the first step in completing this 10 week course with Geraldine and currently researching other avenues to help me to move forward. She made me realize that I am the only one that can change situations in my life. I am no longer blaming others for what has happened/not happened in my life and realize that I used this as an excuse as it was easier. I’m getting excited about my life, my future. It’s up to me now to take all I’ve learnt on your course and find my path. If you are running another course, please let me know. Geraldine, thank you so much.

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