What I Do

Breaking Beyond is centred around the ethos that ‘little changes that lead to big differences’.

I help you to gain focus and create lasting change by letting go of unhelpful behaviours, habits and beliefs. As a result this will help you to grow in confidence, clarity and courage!

I support you to create a life of personal freedom, through a fact finding mission and allow you to discover what’s really holding you back from truly living life.

Confidence, courage and clarity… These are the results that happen with the clients that I work with!

Honesty + Action = Freedom! Through my experience of working with clients and their results, I have created this simple formula which will enable you to move forward and create the change you wish to see.

A combination of Life and Business Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming and QTT, allow me to work with people to bring about clarity and a sense of control and acceptance in their lives. From this place, an action plan can be created, and magic happens.