Be Courageous

Courage… A BIG word that can mean different things to us all and this topic has come up a lot in work and in personal conversations over the past week.

We are all seeing examples of courage around us as people rally around to make life easier and more manageable for each other and we recognise that this work has ALWAYS been done and not just in recent times.

Acts of courage as we face realities of our own individual situations and take stock of what is within our control and create a plan of action that will allow us to survive/thrive/get through this period.

And courage as we face the unknown and still continue to get on with our days…

Because we NEVER quite know what the future holds…

* We can never be 100% certain of putting our heads on our pillows
* We can never know who or what is going to cross our path
* We can never be sure of the challenges that we will face in any given day


We have never been 100% certain, known or been sure of anything in life, until they have happened and still, we have survived and overcome problems that we have faced up to this point.

And so, as we connect with the courage that we have shown in the past, we realise that we STILL have this courage inside of us and be sure that we can face what life will bring to our doorstep.

Does this make everything o.k.? 🤔🤔🤔 No, of course not. But it may help you to remember your strength as you face your challenge today and take action.

As the rest of your day unfolds, come what may, remember what you naturally have control over and let this be your focus.

Courage is a part of the reason that you are reading this right now…




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