Back to Basics

I must say, I do laugh at myself sometimes.

Especially when I forget about the simple tools that I not only have for myself, but that I also help others to learn.

And maybe this keeps me grounded… It reminds me that, just like you, I’m human too.

So often, we need a gentle nudge or reminder to help us remember what we DO have as opposed to what we don’t.

And my latest nudge/reminder happened in the middle of last night!

I may not be in control of the emotion that I experience and yet I can still exercise ownership of this emotion and choose how to react to it!

I woke up at silly o’ clock, full of the joys. I think that I must’ve been dreaming because my mind was racing. As I lay wide eyed in the early hours, I initially thought to myself ‘that’s it now for my beauty sleep tonight’ and ‘how am I going to get through tomorrow?’

It brought me back to a time, way back, when I couldn’t sleep and was in a panic as a result. And I remembered that I KNEW what to do in situations like this…


And my simple, go-to technique for this is to become mindful of my breathing.

When I slow my breathing down, so too my thoughts are slowed. My mind calms and I come to a restful place, in my heart, mind and soul.

No longer are my racing thoughts leading my emotions, I become more accepting of my feelings and can take action as a result.

Peace reigned once more, as I heard the rain fall softly outside my window…

Breathe in for a count of 4, hold my breath for a count of 7 and let it go slowly for a count of 8!

And I fall back to sleep…

Very quickly…

I wake refreshed…

Happy to embrace another day!

Happy Friday.



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