Geraldine Lyons - Life Coach

Geraldine Lyons is an experienced Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. She has worked in the personal development industry since 2010, working with groups and individuals both in person and online. Through her many experiences with clients, Geraldine recognised that in order to feel truly great one needs to focus on themselves from the inside out.

Geraldine’s interest in the area of self-improvement resulted in the undertaking of a Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching in 2008. This challenging and inspiring course allowed her realise where her true passion and potential lay, resulting in a big change in direction in her life.

In December 2009, Geraldine commenced work within the community providing tailor-made courses for various groups around Limerick, Clare and Cork. Her desire to provide a relevant and vital coaching and facilitation service led to the founding of Breaking Beyond in 2010.

As an experienced facilitator and through her own personal journey, Geraldine has a real empathy around the challenges faced by people seeking to become healthier, happier and more confident. Her natural warmth and openness have enabled Geraldine to inspire clients on both an individual and group level.

Geraldine was a founding member of Stilettos, a former Limerick-based women’s networking group.