My Story

I am a Personal Development and wellness coach specializing in the personal development industry since 2009, working with groups and individuals both in person and online. Through my many experiences with clients, I have recognised that in order to feel truly great one needs to focus on themselves from the inside out.

My interest in the area of self-improvement resulted in the undertaking of a Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching in 2008. This challenging and inspiring course has allowed me to realise where my true passion and potential lie, resulting in a huge change in course of my life.

In December 2009, I commenced work within the community providing tailor-made courses for various groups around Limerick, Clare and Cork. My desire to provide a relevant and vital coaching and facilitation service led to the founding of Breaking Beyond in 2010.

As an experienced facilitator and through my personal journey, I have gained a real empathy around the challenges faced by people seeking to become healthier, happier and more confident. My openness has enabled me to inspire clients on both an individual and group level.

As a 30 something year old, I returned to study and this completely changed my life. I know only too well how easily one can be thrown off course. During this navigational period of my life, I experienced pitfalls, challenges and successes. If I could have known what I know now, the transition might have been a little easier. Yet this was to be my journey, and I now use my experiences to help others to be the best version of themselves.

I help people gain focus and create change through letting go unhelpful behaviours and beliefs and grow in confidence, clarity and courage!
I am a Personal Development and Wellness coach, and have a very holistic element to my training. I take a ‘Positively Realistic’ approach to my coaching, and this means that people are empowered to take direct action needed to create change in their lives.

I am supportive, engaging and dedicated to bringing out the best in people, even if they can’t see it themselves. Fun and laughter are a big part of my workshops, and I love to see peoples growth and development as they progress through change.

In my spare time, I love to meditate, cook, eat, run, go to the gym, travel, connect with nature, read, learn and coffee! I LOVE coffee… Whether it’s black or a skinny cappuccino, on my own or with people, at home or in a cafe, I love it!

My most recent travel adventure was a month in South East Asia in August 2019 and this was a gift to myself, to mark the passing of time, the work and personal changes that I have undertaken to create the life that I have today. A very close knit band of friends provide a never ending stream of support, fun and connection and are hugely important to me.

Personal Development is my passion… Let me support and help YOU to get to know and understand yourself better, so that you too can become unstuck, move forward and live a life that you truly deserve.