Reflection Time

Waking up this morning after a lovely night out with friends, I’m not a bit tired and feeling very motivated!

I’ve had an eventful week, lots of plans coming to fruition, more planning being put in place and new beginnings in lots of ways!

I really treasure freedom and variety and I am very aware of the abundance of this in my life now.

Of course, it wasn’t ALWAYS like this!
I wasn’t born perfect or into a perfect life and I’m still not (nor do I aspire to be) perfect!

However, I am honest with myself and it’s partially due to this honesty that I am living my life the way that I do today…

Yes, it has been uncomfortable at times, painful and a huge learning curve… And there has also been fun, joy and personal growth and development in this period of unease!
It’s not all a big massive pain in the ar*e!

And in taking time to reflect this morning, with my plans, diaries and tech tools surrounding me in my bed (yes, my freedom allows for this!) I am really grateful for what I have right now and excited for the future!

If you are ready to go ‘there’ too, wanting to get really clear with what you want to be/achieve/deserve in life and willing to let go of what’s holding you back and if my message resonates with you, please pm me and let’s see if we are the right fit to work together.

Have a good weekend!



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