Massage Therapy

Mindfulness Massage offers you the opportunity to step out of the outside world for a while and gently enter YOUR world, where you will have the opportunity to stop and bring your mind and body in sync. In doing this, you will become more balanced, lower your stress levels, and this has a positive effect on your whole being.

Starting with a very thorough consultation, together we will identify exactly what you need from this holistic treatment.

Allow yourself time to unwind

A focused coaching session, personalised guided meditation and mindful breathing will prepare you for the massage. Using a blend of massage techniques and a warm aromatic oil, I will use a calm yet firm massage pressure to ease tension from your body. Starting with the feet, I work up through the body to balance and relax you and finish with an energising scalp massage.

Allow yourself time to unwind a busy mind and de-stress your body. You will leave feeling re-energised, re-aligned and positive. A newfound sense of clarity will enable you to determine your next action steps.

This treatment can be followed up with 55-minute massage treatments and/or coaching sessions and this will be discussed at the end.

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